Track Cell Phone: 3 Legal Ways to Do It

Cell phone tracking is not a new concept. Many people know about it. Using cell phones to track someone is common and growing. Many people take smartphones as their private zones, but that isn’t the case. They can be remotely accessed and controlled. Hacking and other attempts to get someone’s data using smartphones is illegal and highly condemned.

Despite being illegal and unethical, there are many things that make people continue tracking cell phones. To be on the safe side, here are three legally acceptable ways you to do it.

Carrier Mobile Phone Tracking

They are known as cell phones because they operate on a network of cell towers. Cell towers emit and receive GSM signals. Cell phones regularly emit signals, known as roaming signal. These signals detect the nearest cell tower. The roaming signals your phone continually emits makes it possible for you to locate it.

Tracking cell phones by SIM is possible and is the most accurate. Most network carriers offer cell phone tracking services at a cost. These services help parents locate their children. When given a court order, network providers work closely with the investigating officers and offer them tracking services.

Every cell phone has a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI code). To get your IMEI code, dial *#06# and note the code. With an IMEI code, your service provider can track your phone even if it is using another SIM.

Hire a private investigator

You can hire a private investigator in Melbourne, usually PIs offer 100% undetectable cell phone tracking. They use advanced cell phone tracking applications to monitor GPS locations, track calls, emails, and text messages. They also have access to multimedia files and phonebook of the target phone.

Honesty is key to the growth of every business. Employees can be dishonest. It is wise to know what they say to each other. Kids have smartphones in their pockets at a young age. Parents need to control and oversee their kids phone activities. A private investigator in Melbourne will help solve your puzzle in the most convenient way.

iPhone’s iCloud and Android’s Find My Device Feature


iCloud can help recover your lost iPhone. To use iCloud, go to your iPhone’s settings and click iCloud. Check to see the Find My iPhone feature and activate it. Once activated, you can locate your iPhone by logging in your iCloud account using any device and browser.

The Android’s Find My Phone feature

For the Find My Phone feature to work correctly, the target phone must be on, location services turned on and, internet access. To use this feature, go to the target device’s settings and tap on Security. Check to enable the remote to access this device feature. Enabling this feature makes the GPS services to keep running in the background. To track your phone, login into Android Device Manager using your target phone Google account. After logging in, you will be able to trace your device’s current location and the previous location logs.

The above three methods are legally acceptable. Installing malware on victims phone isn’t recommended. If you not only want to trace the location but also phone activities and data hire a private investigator in Melbourne to be on the safe side.

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