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SEO Jackpot for your Wordpress blog

Once you've created your Wordpress blog, most people try to create a catchy title, and add in their categories and keyword tags, but there's a whole world more you can do. Go to the plugin section and click add new, type in "All in One SEO Pack" and install.

Once it's installed, click activate and it will flash at the top that in settings you must agree and edit them. Now you have the ability to add your home page's title, description and keywords, scroll to bottom. If you want you can play around a bit with these other settings, but for now I suggest leaving the rest as it was in default mode and just adding at the very bottom, the title, description and keywords. After saving...

Next you can start one page at a time and you will now see that each page has a new section at the bottom for you create that page's title, description and keywords. Depending on how many pages and posts you have each one can be different and specific to what the content is on that page. Now you have hit the SEO jackpot and all your pages are working independently but as a group for you across the internet.