How Much Does It Cost to Park Your Car at the Airport?

Parking is one of the many services that airports across the globe and in Australia offer to the millions of passengers who travel through them. In Australia, the demand for parking lots has been on the rise, with more customers fighting for the limited parking spots every day. The consequence of this is that airport parking fees have been slammed as unreasonably high by analysts across the nation, although some content there are genuine reasons why clients are parting with such high amounts.

What determines Airport Costs?

While reports have indicated resentments of jacked-up parked prices in some international Airports in Australia, there is a need to acknowledge their limited supply. The tariffs, especially at the monitored terminals, may appear slightly on the higher side, however, this has nothing to do with market power supremacies by the airports. In fact, the desire to ease congestion and convenience value are some of the top determinants of these parking valuations. Despite this, some airports offer very attractive parking options. For instance, Cairns airport offers some of the best parking rates in Australia.

Parking fees at Cairns

The amount you pay for parking your car in this international airport depends on the car park you chose and the duration of your parking. For instance, in both terminal 1 and 2, you are entitled to free parking if you only do so for just 10 minutes for all open airparks.

At terminal two, if you choose to go for the covered car park, the base parking fee is set at $8 for your first 30 minutes. It keeps rising to $12 for the first hour, $15 for 2 hours, up to a maximum of $34 when you park there for 24 hours. For the open parking, you incur the $6 for the first 30 minutes, with the 1st, 2nd and up to 24th hour being $9, $11 and $30 respectively.

Whenever you are sure to use the car parks in the airport regularly or for longer, you can go for daily rates to save some extra bucks. For the open parking in either of the two terminals, you get a fixed rate of $20 per day, while you are treated to a parking fee of $30 for the covered parking in terminal 2 under this regime. With this option, you save some bucks on your overall parking charges.

Payment Options

In most of the Australian Airports, whether you are out for domestic or international travels, the recommended payment options for all airport parking fees include debit or credit card through the integrated payment machines. You can find a machine to settle your payment dues at the entrance of all car parks within the airports. Those at Cairns are especially visibly labeled for strategically located for your convenience. All the prices indicated in the Airport price manuals are in Australian dollars.


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