Do Running Shoes Make a Difference?

We are living in a world of sneakers where we use them for everything! We are primarily a fashion and streetwear publication where any design and style that comes along takes precedent. And use most things in the name of style or fashion in many almost every activity especially running. In the last couple of years, individuals have raised some questions about the real usefulness of running shoes.

Do Running Shoes Make a Difference? Yes, they do! It’s not a matter of increasing your running speed or make you last longer but in terms of comfort and preventing your feet against injuries. Running shoes have extra gummy soles, midsoles, fly-woven but extra-light fabrics, gel technology, injection-molded arches, and other added features to make our feet comfort as well as adding protection.

How to tell the difference!

The gait

In the running world, the physical way you run is what is referred to as gait. Gait analysis vitally points out everything about the way the body and legs move to help determine what type of shoe could be best for someone’s specific patterns of running. It helps you know whether you are a heel striker or susceptible to overpronation (in terms of foot striking). Make sure that The Walk In Closet ultimately benefits you. Select running shoes that support your gait, fit your running style and help correct some specific bad running habits.

Stability and cushioning

Shoes, particularly for running, add a level of stability that assists protect runners from injury especially on uneven road surfaces. If you are the overpronator type, shoes that offer good stability are great at correcting your form and preventing injury.

Actually, good running shoes offer a sufficient amount of cushioning to help in preventing excess impact on your knees and also other joints. Thus, the best way to enhance this is by going for shoes that not only lessen the impact but also provide proper form and comfortability.

How effective are they when it comes to injury prevention?

Again, running shoes won’t increase your running speed or make you run longer. They are tools that are scientifically engineered to help in running for as long as we can without getting injured or having to quit. But sometimes when the inevitable push comes, what do these shoes do?

The goal here is to point out the difference of running shoes from normal sneakers or barefoot running (if you are the barefoot running kind, please stop it as you do more harm to your feet!). It’s essential that you only do things or use things that positively affect your health. Although most companies are trying their best to produce the best products to outdo the competitiveness, ensure that you choose the right running shoes for your gait bearing in mind that your health depends ultimately on your form and not your gear or “company game”.

Don’t be intimidated by marketing stuff that has fancy liners and bracers, injected foams, plastic arches, etc. Instead, let The Walk In Closet make you come out with something that makes you feel comfortable and fits you well as well as works with how you run. With the right running shoes, injuries related to running will become minimal!

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